Project Description


The BC7 will automatically deliver a preset quantity of liquid and display the flow rate and batch quantity when used with a flowmeter and solenoid valve.

  • Easy to use 
    – Quick and easy to set up
    – Press one button to start a batch
    – Large easy to read displays
    – Preset to your requirements
  • Automatically compensates for errors 
    – Save time
    – Reduce waste
    – Reduce cost
    – Improve product quality
  • Robust design 
    – Tough aluminium case
    – Splash proof front
  • No flow alarm 
    – Safely shuts down if your flow is interrupted
  • Works with most flowmeters
  • High quality manufacture 
    – ISO 9001 certified company


This instrument has a huge range of uses, from container filling to tanker loading. You can use it to deliver any preset quantity of liquid accurately and reliably.


To start a batch simply press the run button. One display will show you the batch count whilst the other can be set to show either the flowrate or the preset batch quantity.
You can use the BC7 in two ways.
1 : Single relay operation. The run button operates a relay to control a valve or pump, which is automatically shut off at the end of the batch.
2 : Dual relay operation where 2 relays can be used independently to control valves and pumps for slow start and slow stop applications. Two LED’s show you when either of the two relays are energised.

Installation and Setup

The displays can be set for any units e.g. litres or gallons. The setup is easy using the keypad and a ‘beep’ is sounded with all keystrokes. The BC7 can be supplied preconfigured for your application. Operator access to the setup menu and any functions can be inhibited.


Overrun compensation: The controller can automatically compensate for errors caused by slow acting valves and deliver exactly the volume you want.
No flow alarm: If there is a problem and the signal from the flowmeter stops, an alarm will be given and the batch will be stopped.
Linearisation: The accuracy of your system can be improved by programming any flowmeter errors into the BC7. There is a non resettable total to allow you to monitor long term usage.


The Batch Controller is in a standard ¼ DIN format to mount in a panel.
The front keypad is a sealed unit which provides you with a splash proof seal that is resistant to most chemicals.