Project Description


The DSTRP water meters are used to totalise the volume of water used.

  • Low cost
  • Long life bearings
  • Wide flow range
  • Sealed, clear display
  • Tamper proof seal
  • Pulsed output option


These DSTRP series water meters are installed in numerous applications where the accurate and economic measurement of hot and cold water usage is needed. These meters are suitable for fitting in homes, agricultural and horticultural premises as well as industrial and commercial properties.

Principle of Operation

The DSTRP series is a mechanical inferential meter using the multi-jet principle. It is fitted with an integral direct reading sealed counter to totalise the volume passed. There is an optional pulsed reed switch output for remote instrumentation.


The body and head are made of brass with the body epoxy painted. The internal mechanism is made from wear resistant, antimagnetic and anti scaling plastic materials. The lid is made of shock resistant plastic. An internal filter is fitted to the inlet.


The five digit counter and three dial counters provide a direct reading of the total to a resolution of 0.001 m3 (i.e. 1 litre). The counter mechanism is sealed from the line water in a special antifogging liquid and
will not be affected by scaling or contaminated water.


All DSTRP water meters are individually calibrated. Hydraulic tests are carried out at 5 flowrates (Q1, Q2, Q3) on test rigs complying with standards ISO 4064/3 and ISO 4185, and are approved by a European notified body. A security tamper evident seal is fitted.


The DSTRP water meters are suitable for installation in horizontal pipelines and should be fitted such that the arrow marked on the body corresponds with the direction of water flow. The upstream pipework should rise so that the outlet is higher than the meter inlet ensuring that the meter is kept full of water. The water meters should be easily accessible to enable a clear reading from the counter.


DSTRP water meters are MID approved to metrological class MID R (Q3/Q1) 200H-50V. Meeting the requirements of Directive 2004/22/EC and European standard EN 14154.