Project Description


The Lowflo uses the pelton wheel principle to measure the extremely low flow rates required in process plants, research facilities and laboratories. It will cover flow ranges from 1 to 420 litres/hour.

  • High accuracy and repeatability 
    – Improve your process
    – Reduce waste
  • Easily maintained 
    – Long life bearings
    – Well proven
    – Access the internals without removing the body from the line
    – Low pressure drop
  • Robust construction 
    – Stainless steel
    – Withstands high pressure and temperature
  • High quality manufacture 
    – Individual calibration certificates
    – ISO 9001 certified company


The Lowflo flowmeter is used to measure extremely low flow rates of clean liquids, chemicals, additives, demineralised water, oil and fats. Applications include dosing of chemicals, batching, injection into food and animal feeds processes, blending, monitoring and pH adjustment.


The pulse from the flowmeter is fed into an instrument and can be used for flow rate indication, totalising, blending, dosing, controlling and batching. The flowmeter can be used in hazardous areas. Apollo provide a range of instruments to suit your application.

Principle of Operation

The PFA Pelton wheel rotor has stainless steel rods embedded within the tips of the vanes. Tungsten carbide balls are integral to the rotor. The tungsten balls of the rotor spin in sapphire cups mounted in stainless steel bearing housings. The flow of liquid causes the rotor to turn and a proximity sensor detects the passing of the rotor tips. The speed of the rotor and the frequency of the signal is directly proportional to the flow rate.


All Lowflo flowmeters are individually calibrated with water and are traceable to national standards. We provide you with a test certificate for each meter showing the number of pulses per litre, which is used to set the instrumentation.


To achieve the best results from your flowmeter it should be mounted into the pipework with its sensor lying horizontally. The flowmeter should be maintained full of liquid prior to and throughout measurement.


The Lowflo has a strong stainless steel body that is corrosion resistant and withstands high pressures. The flowmeter is designed for use on clean liquids although particles up to 200 micrometres can be entrained in the liquid without any effect on the overall performance.
The two wire Namur sensor is fitted into the headcap of the flowmeter and is supplied with a 2 metre length of cable for connection to remote instruments.