Project Description


These well proven pelton wheel flowmeters measure low flow rates between 1 and 50 litres per minute.

  • Low cost PVC or rugged stainless steel
  • Accurate and repeatable 
    – Improve your process
    – Well proven
    – Reduce waste and costs
  • Easily maintained 
    – Long life bearings
    – Access to the internals without removing the body from the pipeline
  • High quality manufacture 
    – Individual calibration certificates
    – ISO 9001 certified company


The Peltflo is suitable for a wide range of liquids such as acids, solvents, water, agrochemicals and light oils. You can use it for container filling, dispensing, flow rate indication, controlling and spraying. The flowmeter is designed for use with clean liquids although particles less than 0.25mm will be harmlessly washed through.


The output frequency is fed into an instrument. Apollo can provide you with a comprehensive range of displays and control instruments. In hazardous areas you can use the flowmeters with the Apollo I.S ATEX approved sensor. The signal can be used in the IS area or transmitted to a safe area using the intrinsically safe P5 preamplifier and suitable barriers.

Principle of Operation

The PFA pelton wheel has ferrites fitted to the tips of the vanes. Tungsten carbide balls are mounted directly into the rotor and spin in sapphire cups which are mounted in a bearing housing. The liquid flow causes the rotor to turn and the ferrites induce pulses in the sensor. The frequency of this signal is directly proportional to the flow rate.


All Peltflo flowmeters are individually calibrated with water and are traceable to national standards. We provide you with a test certificate for each meter showing the number of pulses per litre, which is used to set the instrumentation.


To get the best results from your flowmeter it should be mounted in horizontal pipework with the sensor horizontal. An upstream filter with a 60 mesh basket is recommended to reduce bearing contamination. For installations where the read-out instrument is more than 4 metres from the flowmeter, or in electrically noisy environments a preamplifier should be fitted.


The flowmeters have either PVC, PVDF or stainless steel bodies. There are options for the materials of the internal parts providing you with the ability to measure almost any liquid. The tungsten ball and sapphire cup bearings are very hard wearing.