Project Description

SP521/522 Turbine Flowmeter

The SP521/522 turbine flowmeters are primarily used for hydraulic circuit testing .They are designed for working at pressures up to 400 bar and for monitoring of flow, temperature and pressure .

  • Integrated Test Points 
    – For acquiring temperature and pressure readings
  • High Pressure Design 
    – 200 bar or 400 bar pressure options
  • Frequency or Analogue Output 
    – 4-20mA or pulsed output options available
  • Optional Linearisation 
    – Fit with our FC7-SP7 for improved accuracy


The SP521/522 turbine flowmeter has been developed for the testing of hydraulic circuits but its stainless steel construction allows it to be used for other applications such as the metering of water, solvents and chemicals. As well as flow measurement, the 2 additional 1/4” tappings allow pressure and temperature monitoring .


Liquid flows through the meter causing the rotor to turn. Every time a rotor blade passes the sensor a pulse is generated . The frequency of the pulses is proportional to the flowrate.

Installation and Setup

The flowmeter is installed directly into the pipeline. To reduce turbulence and get the best results from your flowmeter we recommend that you install it in a straight section of pipework with at least 10 pipe diameters before the inlet and 5 diameters on the outlet. Control valves should be installed downstream of the flowmeter.


The signal can be used for a local display, remote display or converted for transmission to a separate control system.


All Apollo turbine flowmeters are individually calibrated with water and are traceable to national standards. We provide you with a test certificate for each meter showing the number of pulses per litre (k. factor), which is used to set the instrumentation. As standard we will provide you with a graphically corrected k.factor for hydraulic oil use.


The SP521/522 is a robust mechanical turbine flowmeter . The stainless steel body gives high strength and corrosion resistance. The 431ss rotor is machined from solid and the tungsten carbide bearings ensure high levels of performance with minimal wear.


The SP521/522 flowmeters are fully PED compliant.