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Highly experienced engineers and UK manufacture ensure leading quality, service and support.

Apollo Flowmeters produce a range of flowmeters for diverse applications, ranging from water and oil measurement to corrosive liquids in hazardous environments. The latest solid modelling and CNC technology ensure the highest quality. Custom products are regularly manufactured to meet specific requirements.

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About Apollo

Apollo Flowmeters supply meters and instruments for industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical and offshore applications.


Flowmeter Range

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If all you need is a simple visual indication please visit our sister company Primary Flowpoints.


“Selecting the best flowmeter for your application is important. If you are unsure please contact our specialised team for advice and guidance.”


All products are fully compliant with european directives and are CE or ATEX marked where required

Apollo Flowmeters are certified to ISO 9001 by BSI and are audited by SIRA to ensure we meet the requirements of the ATEX Directive and maintain the highest quality.

  • Designs can be modified to your specification
  • High quality, robust products
  • Short lead times
  • Special materials available
  • CE marked and fully PED compliant
  • ATEX certified versions available