What Type of Flowmeter?

Flowmeters are used extensively to measure and control the flow of liquids in pipelines. There are many types of meter, and the choice will depend on the individual application. Some meters have a built in display, while others give electronic outputs to remote displays or control systems.

Apollo will set up any outputs or displays to your specification.


  • RN Turbine – Available with screwed, flanged or wafer connections, these stainless steel meters are ideal for water, light oils, solvents and low viscosity chemicals.  They require a display or converter and can be fitted with ATEX sensors
  • Hygienic Turbine – Available with hygienic connections, these meters are designed for the dairy, beverage, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.  They are suitable for low viscosity liquids and require a separate display or converter and can be fitted with ATEX sensors
  • SP521/522 Turbine – The SP521/522 Turbine Flowmeter is a 2” ISO 6162 flowmeter with 1/4” BSP tappings.  Allowing the fitting of pressure and temperature sensors for testing hydraulic systems.
  • Electromagnetic – These meters are ideal for all electrically conductive liquids, including aggressive chemicals and liquids containing solids.  They have a built in display and outputs for control system.  They need a 110V-240V power supply
  • Hoverflo – This range of meters is used for measuring highly corrosive solutions where metal components are not compatible.  They require a remote display and can be fitted with ATEX sensors
  • Lowflo – The Lowflo meter is based on the well proven pelton wheel principle, and is used for measuring clean, low viscosity liquids at flow rates down to 1 lit/hour.  The sensor is ATEX rated
  • Peltflo – Also based on the pelton wheel principle, this range has a higher flow range than the Lowflo
  • Variable Area – If all you need a visual indication of flow rate, the low cost DFM range is suitable for clean, cold liquids in vertical lines
  • Oval Gear – The well-established oval gear flowmeter is used for clean, high or varying viscosity liquids.  The body and internal options can be configured for different applications
  • Water Meters – For simple totalising of hot or cold water, these meters give an economical solution.


  • BC7 – This instrument will accept a pulsed signal from a flowmeter and can be used to operate pumps or valves to deliver a pre-set quantity.#
  • RT7 – The RT7 will accept a pulsed signal and display the flow rate and total flow.
  • FC7 – The FC7 converts a pulse signal from a flowmeter to a loop powered 4-20mA output.
  • 202 – For ATEX areas, the 202 can display the flow rate and total.  It can be battery or loop powered
  • 102 – Based on the 202, but for use in safe areas only.  A cost effective battery powered LCD display
  • 104 – A safe area version of the 202.  Loop powered with 4-20mA and pulse outputs.
  • FC7-SP7 – The FC7-SP7 is a compact converter to give a loop powered 4-20mA output
  • PPW-SP3 – The FC7-SP7 is an active pick off coil that gives an open collector pulse output