Project Description

PPW-SP3 Pulse Conditioner

The PPW-SP3 pulse conditioner converts the millivolt ac signal from a turbine flowmeter into a switching transistor output .

  • Improves flowmeter reliability
    -Greater transmission distance
    -Immunity to electrical noise
  • High quality manufacture
    -Stainless steel enclosure
    -Sealed face
    -ISO 9001 certified manufacturer


The PPW– SP3 pulse conditioner is recommended when transmission distances exceed 4 metres or when the turbine flowmeter is being used in electrically noisy environments. It is also used for interfacing with instruments which are not compatible with the millivolt sinewave output signal, such as PLCs and computers.


The PPW-SP3 consists of a variable reluctance pickoff coil and pulse conditioning PCB potted within a s/steel enclosure. It has a 4 metre 4 core screened cable for power and output signal, and has a 5/8” -18 UNF thread for fitting to turbine flowmeters.
The PPW-SP3R consists of a pulse conditioning PCB potted within a s/steel enclosure. For connecting to the flowmeter it has a potted 200mm high temperature cable terminated with a 2 way amphenol connector. For the power supply and signal output it has a potted 4 metre, 4 core screened cable.

Instrument Function

The PPW-SP3 can be connected to any of our turbine flowmeter range. It converts the millivolt frequency signal from the variable reluctance magnetic pickoff into an opto-isolated npn pulse.


The PPW-SP3 is a variable reluctance magnetic sensor with an integral encapsulated amplifier/signal conditioner for process temperatures up to 70C. The PPW-SP3R is a remote mounted encapsulated amplifier with a flying lead to be used with a turbine flow meter pre-fitted with a magnetic pickoff coil. This can be used where line temperatures exceed 70C.