Project Description


The RT7 takes the pulsed output from any flowmeter and displays the flow rate and total of your process liquid.

  • Easy to use 
    – Quick and easy to set up
    – Large easy to read displays
    – Preset to your requirements
  • Improves flowmeter performance 
    – Makes readings more accurate
    – Improve product quality
    – Monitor costs
    – Reduce waste and save money
  • Optional high and low alarms 
    – Monitor your process
    – Protect your equipment
  • Robust design 
    – Tough aluminium case
    – Splash proof keypad
  • High quality manufacture 
    – ISO 9001 certified company


The RT7 gives you a display of flow rate and total volume. It can be used for monitoring, controlling, dispensing or blending of liquids.


The RT7 takes a pulse input from your flowmeter and simultaneously displays the flowrate and total. It also displays a non resettable accumulated total at the touch of a button. High and low flow rate alarms can be used as part of a safety system to protect your plant. There is a scaled pulse output and an analogue 4-20mA output for transmission to other instruments or control equipment.

Installation and Setup

The setup is easy using the keypad. The RT7 can be supplied preconfigured for your application.
Operator access to the setup menu can be inhibited.

Optional Outputs

Alarms: Two flow rate alarms are available. The low alarm relay will energise when your flow rate falls below a preset value. The high alarm relay will energise when your flow rate rises above a preset value.
The relays can be used for audible or visual alarms or to safely shutdown systems to protect equipment. The LED’s on the front panel will indicate when there is a high or low alarm condition.
Analogue output: An optional 4-20mA output is available for transmission to other instruments or control equipment. It is scaleable to your requirements and provides an accurate and fast response to changes in flow rate.


Linearisation: The accuracy of any flowmeter can be improved by programming the calibration errors of the flowmeter into the RT7.
Damping: Decreases the response time to steady the display of the flow rate. The level of damping can be adjusted depending on how erratic the readings are due to liquid turbulence, pump pulsation or fast valve actuation.


The RT7 has a tough aluminium case in standard ¼ DIN format for mounting in a panel. The front bezel and keypad has a splash proof seal that is resistant to most chemicals.